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Hookah Hose | Matte Shisha Hose | Ice hookah hose | Plastic Hookah hose|Colorful Smooth Germany Hose hookah.

Welcome to ELE shisha. We have abundant of shisha hoses, each with its own special feature.

We hope you will take a few minute to check it up.

If you have any further information please give us a call on +86 180 5796 1082(WhatsApp available)

Hookah Hose|Matte Shisha Hose

Feature about this hose

The soft form handle around the matter pipe which is enough to let you hold it tight and comfortable. The super light but strong PVC hose won’t let you feel weighty after you smoke for long time.
From the material what we are using is super clean and harmless. You will not smell any bad odour from the pipe. The material what we are use is high performance. This PVC materail won’t change hardness in big temperature range ( -5 , 50). Becasue of this feature this pipe is strong enought for daily using and it won’t easy rupture like any other materials.


ELE Group in Hongkong 2018 Exhibition




Q: What about ELE hose?

A: We are the factory specialized in producing hookah hose with the experiences for more than 7 


Q: What’s about MOQ?

A:  300 pcs for each model.  Small test order available too.  

Q: How can I get the best price?

A: Good question 😀 . As long as we can push the selling together, to do the team work for long time 


Q: Could I get a small before to place an order?

A: Of cause.  Free sample is available. 

Q: what about the fee for sample to send by express?

A: Please advise your address and we will quote the cost. the cost will  return to you  after the order 

     be placed.

Q: Which Express company do you use?

A: Well. If you ask so, send us any your questions by WhatsApp : +86 180 5796 1082 . Happy to 

     hear everything from you. 


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  1. This hose is made very well – Built like a tank, heavy duty – The swivel is cool you can pass it back and forth, and it just keeps on swiveling, good clouds – Cleans up good, no ghosting

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